Principles of Test-Driven Development


Principles of Test-Driven Development

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If you are comfortable with Test-Driven Development (TDD) this is the workshop for you. Learn the principles of TDD and how to use it successfully.


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Book this all-day workshop if you’re a developer who has had some exposure to TDD and feels ready to use TDD in more complex situations. Includes a programming lab.

Learn about applying TDD when accessing a database or service. You’ll discover how and when to stub or mock. What are dummies, stubs, spies, mocks and fakes? Learn how to write your own mock.

As a bonus, you’ll receive an introduction to application architecture and how to partition systems.

The workshop revolves around a live demonstration of how to use the next level of TDD techniques. After the demo, you get to practice your TDD learnings in a programming lab.

Book if you are interested in extending your TDD knowledge to working with database or service calls and more. Suitable for developers who have had some exposure to TDD or who have completed the prerequisite TDD workshop: ‘Introduction to Test-Driven Development’.

Participants Highly Recommend This Workshop!

What You’ll Learn

  • Review of TDD rules and lifecycle
  • How to use TDD with a database or a web service
  • What dummies, stubs, spies and mocks are and how to use them
  • Touch on good software architecture
  • Learn how to partition a system
  • Some SOLID Principles & CQRS
  • Refactoring with TDD
  • Writing Clean Code

Workshop Structure

  • Theory of TDD (1 hr)
  • Demo of TDD in action (2 hrs)
  • Supervised hands-on TDD programming lab (3 hrs)


  • Ideally, you have completed the ‘Introduction to Test-Driven Development’ workshop.
  • You know about programming & unit testing.
  • You’ll have some work experience and be a junior developer or above.
  • You’ll have worked with databases and web services.
  • The demo and lab will be in C# using Microsoft Visual Studio Code. Some experience with C# will be useful but not necessary.

What Others Said

“Olaf’s courses are a great introduction to TDD. He explains both the theory and gives you sound practical examples to work through that really solidify the content. I would highly recommend them!”
–  Aron Blumgart, Developer @ Xero

“Highly recommend the Principles of TDD workshop to Software Engineers who want to write maintainable and scalable code. The workshop shifted the way I used to think about writing unit tests and gave me the confidence to approach unit testing in a structured way. The course exposed us to theory and practical. The hands-on approach was fundamental to cement the concepts discussed. Olaf is an excellent instructor; his examples throw light on hard to grasp ideas. His patience and knowledge are humbling and inspiring at the same time.”
– Raquel Nishimoto, Developer @ Xero

“Olaf’s workshop was a great hands-on experience in learning about Test Driven Development. It’s not just focused on the tests itself, but it also touches on clean code and good software design/architecture. I learned a lot about challenging my pre-existing notions of writing unit tests and the thought process that goes into writing great code.”
– Giancarlo Juan, Developer @ Xero

Event is in the past.

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