Introduction to Test-Driven Development


Introduction to Test-Driven Development

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If you are new to Test-Driven Development (TDD) this is the workshop for you. You’ll discover why TDD is so revolutionary. You’ll learn how to use TDD in your code. You’ll get to apply the material in a hands-on lab session. Highly Recommended.


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Book this all-day workshop if you would like an in-depth introduction to Test-Driven Development (TDD). Includes a programming lab.

If you are new to TDD, this is the workshop for you! TDD is the revolutionary software development technique that is taking the industry by storm. You’ll learn why TDD is so innovative, how it differs from the traditional way of developing software. In an extensive demo session, you’ll discover how to use TDD to create real-world functionality. Best of all, you’ll get to reinforce your knowledge of the new material in a hands-on lab programming session.

Participants Highly Recommend This Workshop!

What You’ll Learn

  • What TDD is
  • How TDD compares to traditional programming
  • The rules and lifecycle of TDD
  • How to apply TDD in your code
  • Refactoring with TDD
  • How to write great unit tests
  • Writing Clean Code

Workshop Structure

  • Theory of TDD (1 hr)
  • Demo of TDD in action (2 hrs)
  • Supervised hands-on TDD programming lab (3 hrs)


  • You should have basic knowledge of programming & unit testing.
  • Ideally, you’ll have some work experience and be a junior developer or above.
  • The demo and lab will be in C# using Microsoft Visual Studio Code. Some experience with C# will be useful but not necessary.

What Others Said

“I was lucky enough to have attended Olaf’s TDD workshop and left feeling like I had a much better understanding of the benefits and power of TDD. I saw how code could be written in a way where bugs are caught as soon as they are created and how solutions are often made more complicated than they need to be.”
–  Aidan Harris, Developer @ Xero

“Loved it! I learned heaps. Great hands-on session. Thank you, Olaf!”
–  Kamal Lamgade, Developer @ N4L

“I think it’s a must-go-to workshop for anyone in Software Engineering. I especially liked how it bridged the gap between TDD theory and practice. I highly recommend Olaf’s ‘Introduction to Test-Driven Development’.”
–  Eugine Song, Developer @ Xero

Event is in the past.

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