Test-Driven Development (TDD)

Test-Driven Development (TDD)

TDD is a revolutionary software development technique that is taking our industry by storm.

If you are serious about a career in software engineering, then you need to know TDD.

My training covers a wide range of prior experience, from TDD beginner to advanced TDD practitioner.

Test-Driven Development

Presentation: Introduction to Test-Driven Development

This 1-hour presentation gives a glimpse into TDD. Half the session is an appetiser demonstration of TDD in action.

Book if you would like a brief overview of TDD. Suitable for developers and managers.

Workshop: Introduction to Test-Driven Development

Level: Beginner

This all-day workshop represents an extensive introduction to TDD.
You will learn the process and rules of TDD. Find out how TDD compares to traditional development techniques. The core of the workshop is an extensive demonstration where you discover how to apply TDD. You’ll then practise your new TDD knowledge in a hands-on TDD programming lab.

Book if you would like a thorough introduction to TDD, including a hands-on lab to cement the new learnings. Suitable for developers who are new to TDD.

Workshop: Principles of Test-Driven Development

Level: Intermediate

This all-day workshop is for the developer who has had some exposure to TDD and feels ready to use it in more complex situations. Learn about how to apply TDD when we must access a database or service. You’ll learn how and when to stub or mock. What are dummies, stubs, spies, mocks and fakes? As a bonus, you’ll receive an introduction to application architecture and how we should partition our systems.

The workshop revolves around a live demonstration of how to use the next level of TDD techniques. After the demo, you get to practice your TDD learnings in a programming lab.

Book if you are interested in extending your TDD knowledge to working with database or service calls and more. Suitable for developers who have had some exposure to TDD or who have completed the prerequisite beginner workshop: ‘Introduction to Test-Driven Development’.

Workshop: Mastery of Test-Driven Development

Level: Advanced

This two-day workshop is packed full of advanced TDD techniques. You’ll learn how to apply TDD in situations where it is usually challenging to do so – in brownfield and legacy code. We have a messy, disordered codebase and yet we have been asked to make feature changes. How do we do so safely? Without breaking the application? We can use TDD even then.

The core of the workshop is an extensive demonstration where you’ll see how to prepare code before applying TDD to implement the feature changes. You’ll have the opportunity to practice your learnings in a hands-on programming lab.

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Eugine Song“I think it’s a must-go-to workshop for anyone in Software Engineering. I especially liked how it bridged the gap between TDD theory and practice. I highly recommend Olaf’s ‘Introduction to Test-Driven Development’.”

Eugine SongDeveloper (Xero)

Kamal Lamgade“Loved it! I learned heaps. Great hands-on session. Thank you, Olaf!”

Kamal LamgadeDeveloper (N4L)

Rahul Waghmare“I enjoyed Olaf’s TDD workshop. I didn’t know that much about TDD beforehand. Olaf’s explanations were clear and insightful. I gained an appreciation for TDD and how to write clean code. I am looking forward to attending more of Olaf’s workshops.”

Rahul WaghmareDeveloper (MVP Studio)

Erik Davis“I was already familiar with TDD before the workshop, but the emphasis on writing the least amount of code possible per test was a good refresher on best practice for effective TDD. After the workshop, my team has decided to use TDD for all user stories, and we have enjoyed it so far.”

Erik DavisDeveloper (Xero)

Aidan Harris“I was lucky enough to have attended Olaf’s TDD workshop and left feeling like I had a much better understanding of the benefits and power of TDD. I saw how code could be written in a way where bugs are caught as soon as they are created and how solutions are often made more complicated than they need to be.”

Aidan HarrisDeveloper (Xero)

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