It’s Hard
Great Software

Do You Have This?

  • Features Take Too Long
  • Bug Fixes Cause More Bugs
  • The System Is Hard To Change
  • The Code Is A Mess
  • Customers Are Losing Confidence
  • Your Customers Are Leaving

Wouldn’t You Rather Have This?

  • Quickly Develop New Features
  • Identify Bugs In Seconds
  • The System Is Easy To Change
  • The Code Is Clean
  • Your Customers Are Happy
  • Your Customers Trust Your System

Hi, I’m Olaf

Olaf Thielke

I have been developing software for 25 years.

I know the pitfalls. I have seen it all. I understand how to turn the mess around. I am familiar with the secret to building well-designed systems — ones that work every time, the way you want them to. I am ready to share these insights with you and your team. I can help you overcome problematic software where even minor changes have serious, unexpected consequences.

My Background

25 Years Experience


I have been in software development for 25 years.



I have mentored developers for many years — at scale and one-on-one.



I have held roles from developer to CTO and understand the problems.

Test-Driven Development


I am an experienced Test-Driven Development practitioner.



I have been practising Agile and Software Craftsmanship for more than a decade.

Here’s What I Can Do For Your Organisation

Development Coach

Software Development Coach

I have been mentoring software developers for many years across the entire experience spectrum — from junior to highly experienced, senior developers and architects. Top developers I have mentored were often surprised that they could still learn new and insightful material.

My passion is creating systems that are simple and easy to change. The material I teach reflects this passion: Test-Driven Development (TDD), SOLID Principles, Clean Architecture, Clean Code, Design Patterns, Technical Agile, and more.

I believe that newly learned concepts should be applied right away. In that way, comprehension and retention of the new material increase significantly. Developers will be able to add value immediately.

Development Coach

Test-Driven Development Coach

Increasingly, modern organisations are no longer willing to accept the cost of traditional software development — hardly any new features, plenty of bugs and unhappy customers.

TDD has been gaining traction around the world and NZ as a superior alternative approach to development.

I have been using TDD daily for many years. I am an experienced practitioner who is excited about introducing more developers to TDD.

A team consistently using TDD produces code that is simple, easy to change and highly maintainable, thus minimising total cost of code ownership.

Let me help your team learn and adopt TDD and proper Software Engineering practices.

Development Coach

Legacy Development Coach

Unfortunately, not all software development projects are greenfield. Most headaches come from existing software — often written many years ago.

This type of code is difficult to manage and get under control. However, I have done it. I know the techniques. I can show your team.

More often than not, cleaning up a legacy system is cheaper than an application rewrite.

The business rules you want are already there — you only want to be able to make some changes!

I can show your team the techniques for effectively tackling legacy code.

Depending on the system, you may be able to see initial results from stabilisation efforts within a few weeks.

Contact Me

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Feedback Received

Eugine Song“I think it’s a must-go-to workshop for anyone in Software Engineering. I especially liked how it bridged the gap between TDD theory and practice. I highly recommend Olaf’s ‘Introduction to Test-Driven Development’.”

Eugine SongDeveloper (Xero)

Kamal Lamgade“Loved it! I learned heaps. Great hands-on session. Thank you, Olaf!”

Kamal LamgadeDeveloper (N4L)

Rahul Waghmare“I enjoyed Olaf’s TDD workshop. I didn’t know that much about TDD beforehand. Olaf’s explanations were clear and insightful. I gained an appreciation for TDD and how to write clean code. I am looking forward to attending more of Olaf’s workshops.”

Rahul WaghmareDeveloper (MVP Studio)

Erik Davis“I was already familiar with TDD before the workshop, but the emphasis on writing the least amount of code possible per test was a good refresher on best practice for effective TDD. After the workshop, my team has decided to use TDD for all user stories, and we have enjoyed it so far.”

Erik DavisDeveloper (Xero)

Aidan Harris“I was lucky enough to have attended Olaf’s TDD workshop and left feeling like I had a much better understanding of the benefits and power of TDD. I saw how code could be written in a way where bugs are caught as soon as they are created and how solutions are often made more complicated than they need to be.”

Aidan HarrisDeveloper (Xero)